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Since the first hours of our benevolent campaign launch last June, many of you have responded and thanks to your numerous contributions, we have raised $13,485 to date.

We would like to thank you a thousand times over! A big thank you to the Club Richelieu Toronto for their unwavering support. Your generosity allows CAH to pursue its mission and to ease the daily lives of its clients in need. However, our efforts must not stop there, as the number of requests for assistance continues to grow. We are happy and more than ever grateful to be able to count on the goodwill of each and every one of you as usual to meet the challenge.

There will be much to do in 2021-22!

Our fundraising efforts continue with our 2021-2022 benevolence campaign. As you know, we are still in the midst of a pandemic and our more vulnerable seniors will continue to need the support of the community throughout the year.

As we enter a post-pandemic recovery phase, some economic uncertainty about the financial security of organizations like ours is a reality we must not ignore. Your donations will allow us to continue to subsidize our services to seniors most in need to ensure accessibility to essential care in French, to help them maintain their physical and cognitive independence.

Our ALC (Active Living Center) will need to roll up its sleeves to continue to train new digital citizens on the internet and tablets. It will also be able to create virtual products to better assist, inform and entertain seniors in the community.

Your kind donations gave us the flexibility to meet a host of one-time needs that are only visible to those involved, but which make such a difference in the quality of life of our senior clients:

• Medical equipment maintenance and repair costs
• Pet care expenses
• Vision or dental care expenses
• Assistance with transportation challenges
• Assistance with large unexpected expenses that impact the budget
• Support for environmental maintenance in seniors’ daily lives

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Life is full of the unexpected! Thanks to your donations, we have the flexibility
to creatively respond to
individual and specific needs of our clients. 

About our 1st campaign in 2020

We launched our first BENEVOLENCE campaign in July 2020 to replace our traditional events, our regular Gilles Barbeau Golf Tournament for CAH and the Toronto Challenge Walk. Thanks to your generosity in this context, this campaign raised a total of $9,770. As always, every dollar raised was allocated to the various projects and used in the best interest of the clients. 

Once again, we would like to thank our generous 2020 sponsors: Conseil scolaire catholique MonAvenir, Centre francophone du Grand Toronto, Entité 4 et Entité 3.