Homemaking (HMK)

The Homemaking program, delivered entirely in French, is designed for seniors living in Toronto who have difficulty performing certain tasks in their daily lives. Eligibility for this program, which is partially funded by the Toronto Central LHIN (Ministry of Health), is determined through a standardized assessment of the needs of people aged 55+ experiencing a decline in physical and/or cognitive autonomy. This assessment identifies the level of assistance required by clients in their home or apartment in order to continue to live safely in their own environment

Research confirms that seniors’ dearest hope

is to stay in their own homes for as long as possible!

Who needs our Homemaking services?
During our first encounter, a CAH case manager will use a standardized assessment to determine eligibility and the level of support required. He or she also assesses the client’s fitness level and the level of safety of the environment. The case manager will then, together with the client, develop a care plan aimed at meeting the clients’ needs (which are reassessed annually).

Seniors seeking Homemaking service must meet with a case manager in their home to assess their needs. For more information, call 416-365-3350, ext. 242 or email info@caheritage.org.

Nature of Homemaking services
The form of home support offered by CAH greatly promotes physical and/or cognitive activation, encouraging client participation for an active ageing. During their visits, according to your needs, our personal support workers will perform simple but vital tasks WITH YOU for a healthy and safe daily life.

Homemaking services may include::
Light housekeeping The case manager assesses the clients’ needs with respect to light housekeeping, suggesting ways that the clients can participate without compromising their safety. If necessary, staff can help with groceries and meal preparation as well.
Activation The personal support worker can provide physical exercice sessions at home with the client (CAH recreationists are certified by the Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging of Western University), and cognitive activation (validated by York University’s Glendon College).
Security calls Upon caregiver demand, clients can receive periodic security calls to promote safety at home.

Good to know
Homemaking services are offered from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday. (Clients may be waitinglisted.)

Cost of homemaking services
Homemaking costs $12 per hour.
The number of hours of service provided to clients is assessed according to the level of need determined by the standardized assessment. Note that subsidies are possible, upon proof of income.