Supportive Housing (SH)

Supportive Housing (SH) is offered exclusively to seniors residing at Place Saint-Laurent, located at 33 Hahn Place in Toronto. This service provides assistance with personal care. Eligibility for this program is determined through a standardized assessment of the needs of people aged 55+ experiencing a decline in physical and/or cognitive autonomy. This assessment identifies the level of assistance required by clients in order to continue to live safely in their own apartment.

Who needs SH services?
During a first meeting with the resident in his apartment, the CAH case manager assesses clients’ functional capacity using a formal standardized evaluation. He or she also assesses the client’s physical condition and the level of safety of the environment. The case manager will then, together with the client, develop a care plan aimed at meeting the clients’ needs (which are reassessed annually). Seniors seeking SH services must meet with a case manager in their home to assess their needs. Call us at 416-365-3350, ext. 242 or email us at for more information.

Nature of SH services
SH services offered to residents of Place Saint-Laurent who are eligible include
• Personal care including bathing and toileting assistance, and assistance with getting dressed.
• Access to home help (visit our Homemaking page).
• Medication reminders.
• Assistance with preparating breakfast. SH clients also have access to hot lunches and dinners served in the dining room, everyday all year round.
• Physical exercise in home and cognitive activation, validated by York University’s Glendon College and Western University.

Good to know
• Clients receive best practice information on self-care, to help them make their own decisions.
• Staff make regular visits or security calls to residents who are SH clients, depending on the level of risk of their health condition.
• Clients benefit from the expertise of a care coordinator who can help them navigate the health system and the community support system network.
• In partnership with the Centre francophone de Toronto, CAH also offers foot care to eligible clients.
• Eligible customers can benefit from escort and transport services as well as from the Adult Day Program on site.

Although clients live independently in their apartments, there is attendant personal support worker on site 24 hours a day in case of an emergency. Please note that CAH does not offer medical care.

Cost of SH services
SH services are free because they are fully funded by the Toronto Central LHIN (Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care). However, meals cost $7 each.