Great Canadian GIVING Challenge


The Toronto Challenge was cancelled in June 2020 but we took advantage of this other challenge launched by


In June, every dollar you donated to CAH (by June 30) through was giving our organization a chance at the $20,000 grand prize draw. What a great way to mark JUNE, Ontario Seniors’ Month! The grand prize of $20,000 was to be awarded to the winning organization in the Canadian CARITIVE Grand Challenge Contest. Only donations made on or were eligible for participation.                                                    
Due to the pandemic, CAH has lolostsing approximately $4,000 normally raised through the Toronto Challenge. This event was cancelled but the needs of the seniors in our community remain. This is why we encouraged you to make CAH benefit from the great CARITATIVE challenge. Apparently, we haven’t won since we haven’t heard from them… At least we tried, with your help!                                                                                                                                                                                             
Please continue to give to CAH through CanadaHelps. Your donations will be allocated 100% to our organization’s new projects to break the isolation of seniors. We already knew this, but COVID-19 has made it a reality that our community must address the scourge of isolation of the elderly.