Great news!
It is truly remarkable how well we did in our 2022 accreditation exercise. CAH is accredited again, and this time with honors! We are told that this is very rare.
Why do we deserve this commendation? Because every member of the team is eager to learn, interested in doing better, and dedicated to providing the best possible service to clients.

This is what made it possible to pass the accreditation with ease, serenity, transparency, and professionalism. It was truly a pleasure for me and the management team to accompany the employees in this process.
It is time to be really proud of CAH, of the work that is done day after day, and of the level of quality that we have achieved together. Good practices are now in place.

They took a lot of work to design and put in place, but I think we can all agree that they make the day-to-day more efficient and enjoyable.

While the challenge is to maintain these high standards in practice, I am confident that it will be a smooth journey from here on out.

Linda Legault
Quality Assurance Director

Click here to access the full report submitted in French by Accreditation Canada in July 2022