Message from the CAH Management

Hello everyone and happy 45th anniversary of CAH.

Yes, we’ve officially entered the celebration phase of our 45th anniversary. What an achievement! It’s been a long and rewarding journey. Together, we’ve made great strides in increasing access to French-language services and supports, while coming together to share our vision of active aging. This is what we celebrate most of all, the energy that has driven us to promote active aging, a vision that brings together the best of both worlds. Active aging, a vision that puts into practice a truly inclusive approach to overcoming the barriers of age, language and loss of autonomy, whether physical or cognitive.

So let’s take the time to remember all the miles we’ve travelled, to soak it all in, and to hold on to the energy that drives us as we look to the future. Along the way, we’ve learned that our model works, and that people feel their needs are met when they interact with us. As a CAH family, we realize more and more that what we promote is what our community needs: the ability to be supported throughout the aging journey, the opportunity to stay connected and engaged, and to enjoy socialization and activation, all in French.

As we take time to appreciate what we have achieved so far, we also realize that the road ahead will continue to be full of opportunities and challenges. We’ll need to strengthen our capabilities and skills to meet them successfully. We’re living longer and longer, and we want to be able to enjoy every step of this journey. We want to stay active, we want to be able to choose and be listened to, we have to give and share, and we want to play our part. As our skills and abilities evolve, we want to be considered and recognized as individuals, not as the sum of our health problems. We want to be able to create an environment where aging is a pleasure, and we want to do it in French.

At CAH, we’re looking forward to celebrating November 16 and recognizing our achievements to date. But we’re even more eager to encourage and inspire our francophone community to continue to show their support and join us in our next strategic planning exercise. We’re actively seeking everyone’s input as we plan for our future, which is ultimately the future of our Francophone community as a whole.

Stay tuned, especially this year, as we strive to bring our Active Aging Lab to you, wherever you are in the city.

Yes, we’ll be taking our active living center on the road.

We’re getting ready to meet you for a day of activation and reunion in French.

As we look forward to continuing to work and grow together, we recommend that you don’t miss our 45th Celebration event in November, and we encourage each of you to stay connected and join us for many interesting and engaging activities throughout the year.

Sincerely yours, and happy 45th birthday again!