Message from the CAH Management

Dear all,

It’s with great pleasure that we present this new Gazette, with its calendar of activities and information prepared for all of you, and especially for the members of our Centre de Vie Active (CVA). Over the next two months, we’ll be taking another look at the themes of engaged aging, linking it to celebrations of diversity in our diverse community.

Your CVA, the only French-speaking one in the region, offers social, cultural and fitness activities. To take part in our activities and benefit from special rates on specialized sessions, outings and holiday meals, you need to be up to date with your annual membership.

Beyond your membership fee, joining our CVA is a commitment to maintaining and increasing services in French. I therefore invite you to become a member of our CVA and, without further delay, renew your membership. The information necessary to complete your membership are in the Gazette.

At CAH, we continue to invest in the development of our programs, as well as updating our infrastructure and processes.

The consultations organized to support the development of our 2025-2029 strategic plan are now complete, and data analysis is underway. The project team and the Board of Directors are working on the strategic framework that will be presented to the corporation’s members at the CAH General Meeting on June 26, 2024. Remember that in order to take a position on the evolution of CAH, and therefore vote at the AGM, you must be up to date with your CAH membership. Here too, the necessary information is given later in the Gazette.

At 33 place Hahn, the project to change the windows throughout the building is well underway and should be should be completed by the end of May. This project contributes to the implementation of sustainable approaches, both in the management of our building and in the delivery of our programs.

As we already know, as we age, we are more vulnerable to the effects of climate change climate change. So CAH is committed to making the building and its programs even more accessible, to reduce its carbon footprint and adapt to the consequences of climate change that affect residents, customers, staff and the community. For the time being, we are proceeding with the measures already mentioned, and in-depth studies will soon be carried out to enable us to decide on the best course of action. Concrete actions are already being taken with the support of volunteers. For example, we have made changes in the way we manage organic and recyclable waste. We have set up a recycling room and are currently running a mobilization campaign.

However, the results are still marginal on the scale of our structure. We can easily imagine the scale of the challenge on a city scale. Volunteers are also involved in community gardens community gardens, maintenance of communal green spaces and awareness-raising. They and inform us so that CAH can improve its practices its practices to reduce its carbon footprint. They are the spokespeople for a sustainable quality of life.

To this quality of life, so precious to our community essential for maintaining independence and independence, autonomy and dignity, we continue to emphasize its inclusive dimensions. The months of May and June are marked by celebrations that make us aware of the challenges of existing within diversity.

June is the month of the elderly. You might say that at CAH we celebrate the elderly every day, but shouldn’t we go beyond that and celebrate active aging, the positive side of life? Celebrate active, positive, inclusive aging and social justice in French?

So, let’s do it together and join us for coffee breaks, themed sessions with members of the LGBTQ+ community, or Diane Montreuil talking about aging as well as painting, music and traditional medicine.

Come sing, dance and socialize to your heart’s content. But don’t be alone.  Let’s not forget to visit the lonely.

Fabien Schneider
Assistant Executive Director, CAH