Message from the CAH Management

Hello everyone!

The bimonthly Gazette is back and for the first time, I have the great pleasure of addressing you in its editorial.

Although the COVID-19 virus is still among us, the pandemic has lost some of its intensity and allows us to look forward, turn towards the community, and exist within our francophone community. However, we must continue to apply adequate protection measures. It is working because we have not reported any outbreaks within CAH.

CAH is beginning its 45th year! This is a great opportunity to remember the journey that began in 1977. CAH has continued to adapt its practices to a rapidly changing world to ensure that the journey remains accessible to everyone. We hope that our next stop will be intergenerational, equitable, open to diversity, inclusive, respectful, and in French.

By not missing any opportunity in 2023 to celebrate its 45 years of experience, CAH will have the opportunity to give visibility to the needs of francophone seniors. CAH will also need your support to promote the deployment of activities for the 45th year in the coming year and share information in your networks.

It is important to highlight everyone’s contributions to make the invisibility of aging visible, legitimize the place and role of aging individuals in our society, and advocate for more resources and services in French.

To support these objectives, the Active Living Center (CVA) led by Michael Dilenga is taking steps to provide French-language activities in communities, in addition to the activities offered at 33 Place Hahn. We are in a phase of (re)discovery in a post-COVID context, which has transformed our world and exacerbated discrimination and exclusion by age, gender, sexuality, race, etc.

We are exploring the possibility of developing new partnerships. Let us recall that we are already official partners with the Francophone Center of Greater Toronto and with College Boreal. Our goal is first to test the community approach of the CVA to adapt it gradually, depending on the needs of users and the resources to which we will have access. We will tell you more as soon as possible.

Let us not forget that the CVA already offers activities to its members. They are listed in the calendar as usual. If you have not already done so, consider renewing your membership to enjoy the benefits reserved for members. Above all, help us promote the Center and thank you for inviting your friends and family to join us.