Services for caregivers

If you are like most people helping their loved ones, you do not define yourself as a caregiver but rather as their child, spouse, friend. But make no mistake! If you regularly offer services without remuneration to a close senior to help him or her in their daily lives, you are indeed a caregiver. And you are not alone.

Every day, CAH witnesses the importance of your role in helping this person, dear to you, to preserve his or her autonomy and quality of life. And this role is even more vital in a context of Francophones in a predominantly Anglophone environment.

In the 40 years we have been in existence, we have seen how demanding and changing the role of caregivers is, depending on the daily needs of the senior in your life. Many caregivers put their lives aside to meet these needs, taking up time, money and energy that they themselves need for work, family and even health. CAH offers some solutions that could lighten your workload.


Without the benefit of a FRENCH service such as CAH’s Homemaking some seniors are at risk of losing their independence and having to leave their homes. (The service is offered in their home.) It is designed to accompany the client, to encourage an active daily life.

A break for caregivers of seniors!
The Adult Day Program (ADP) provides a valuable respite for families and caregivers caring for their elders. This FRENCH program of physical and cognitive activities (available in Toronto and in Oshawa), is organized by CAH’s professional recreationists and supplemented by a hot meal. It will allows you to take a well-deserved break while offering your parent, partner or friend social interaction and professional activities in a welcoming and secure environment.

How to take advantage of these services?
Our clients can, if they wish, be accompanied by their caregiver during the process of applying to our services. To help your close senior take advantage of CAH programs, call 416-365-3350, ext. 242, to book an appointment for a free evaluation.

We suggest you visit our resource pages for families and caregivers: Ressources pour les aidants naturels and Ressources pour les aidants professionnels (currently available in French only).