45 years together

This year, we’re celebrating our 45th anniversary! 

We’re well aware that November is still a long way off, but what do you expect? We’re proud to have reached this new milestone. Little did we know five years ago, as we celebrated CAH’s 40th anniversary, that a global health crisis was just around the corner! But here we are, safe and sound on the other side of the pandemic. More convinced than ever of the viability of the CAH model: affordable housing with support services, homecare in the community, help in navigating the healthcare system, a support program for francophones living with dementia in the community and their caregivers, and an centre for active living to stay connected and break the isolation while speaking French.

Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us at our cocktail party.

On November 16, CAH members, friends and partners came to a cocktail reception to celebrate this new milestone for our non-profit organization. The evening, hosted by actor and former artistic director of the Toronto French Theatre Guy Mignault, took place on Thursday, November 16 at the Université de l’Ontario français. It was a lovely evening in a chic yet relaxed ambience.

We are currently preparing a souvenir-album of the cocktail, soon to be posted here.


And thank you to all our dear sponsors for their support!