For over 40 years

On the occasion of CAH’s 40th anniversary, we created this timeline in our 2019 Annual Report to better visualize the progress made by our organization over the past 40 years. Click on the image to enlarge it!

In the média

Radio-Canada met with us in November 2018 to mark our 40th anniversary. You will find here the online article (French only) posted on their website, with excerpts from the interviews led by Isabelle Fleury (who spoke with Barbara Ceccarelli, Executive Director of CAH and two residents of Place Saint-Laurent), and the resulting radio segment aired on Radio-Canada.

Toronto’s weekly French newspaper L’Express published Les 40 ans de CAH: un “beau voyage”.

40 years of photos from the personal albums of Place Saint-Laurent residents!

We called on everyone to collect archival photos for inclusion in the 2019 Annual Report. Click on the small mosaic to enlarge it!

Quel beau cocktail…

Thank you to all our travellers, who came in great numbers to the Novotel on Friday, November 23, 2018, which marked an important moment in the history of CAH. It was indeed our 40th anniversary! About a hundred friends of CAH: partners, customers, residents, journalists, CAH members, employees and management gathered for this chic and festive cocktail dinner on the theme: Quel beau voyage! 

The PHOTO-ALBUM of CAH’s Cocktail for the 40th

During a special trip on board AIR CAH, passengers received a 1st class boarding pass for Flight CAH40. The charming flight attendant Nathalie Nadon welcomed everyone and humorously divulged the flight instructions. Each traveller was entitled to one drink in the VIP Lounge, including CAH’s blue signature cocktail. CLICK here to see the November 23 Cocktail PHOTO-ALBUM. We also did a special cocktail for the residents of Place Saint-Laurent on March 28, 2019. See for yourself.

The co-pilots, Maryse Francella (CAH Board Chair) and Barbara Ceccarelli (CAH Executive Director), as well as retired pilots Isabelle Girard (Executive Director from 2012 to 2018) and Gérard Parent (Executive Director from 2003 to 2012) spoke a little bit about CAH’s past… and futur. The conversations were going strong over a background of jazzy music while the waiters were circulating with tasty appetizers among the travellers. We were even entitled to a very skillful young French-speaking magician, Olivier Castel (who’s for hire!).

Our flight attendant then hosted a draw for ten prizes, one of them a $250 certificate applicable on a Porter Airlines flight (we don’t fear competition). By popular demand, Nathalie Nadon sang to us, a cappella, a first-class La Vie en rose. She then invited travellers to pick up their luggage, as well as a 40th anniversary gift box, offered to everyone for being part of this great adventure.