Christmas Sharing

Our community really got together at the Christmas show on December 9, 2023!

L’ensemble vocal Les voix du coeur performed its traditional Christmas show featuring lovely Holiday songs in French at Paroisse du Sacré-Coeur! All money collected at the door went to CAH’s Chritmas Sharing campaign.   

CAH’s Christmas Sharing launched the ffestivities with this intimate Christmas show from Ensemble vocal Les voix du coeur, to support seniors in the need. A total of $3,281 was collected at the door. Last year, it was $2,819. And it keeps coming! Add to this the generous donation from the singers themselves, and all the nice people donating on line through Canadahelps: 10,048 were raised by the Partage de Noël 2022! Hopefully, we can beat that!

And take advantage of our cheerful SING-ALONG in French during the Holidays!

Both our SING-ALONG are accessible on Youtube! Here are the Youtube links:: SING-ALONG 2020 et SING-ALONG 2021.

Today more than ever, CAH customers need you!


In the past year, nearly 90 seniors received grocery coupons; the rest of the money was used to provide basic necessities throughout the year, such as pairs of glasses, hearing aids and dentures to improve the comfort of the most disadvantaged seniors.

• $30 allows a senior to enjoy the holiday season and buy a turkey and some food.
• $50 allows a senior to purchase fresh products (meat/fish, yogurt) for two weeks.
• $100 helps a senior cope with a particularly precarious period (for example, an unexpected medical expense) so that he or she can cover food expenses for a month.
• $200 allows you to buy a pair of glasses and bring a precious comfort of life to the senior who receives them.

While the holiday season is for many people a resolutely positive time to celebrate with family and friends and where sharing, love and mutual aid are highlighted, this is not the case for some seniors who are lonely, suffer from loneliness and live in a precarious financial situation.

This is a time to lend a hand to CAH in this difficult time of the pandemic, which is emerging as an opportunity to show solidarity and to be in the thick of things.

How can you contribute if you were unable to attend the virtual show?


1) Online donation

Click here: DONATE, then click Donate Now, the Christmas Campaign option will automatically appear or you can choose it from the drop-down menu. You will immediately receive your receipt for tax purposes.

2) Donation by cheque

Send your cheque to the following address and indicate on your cheque that the donation is for the Christmas Sharing Campaign:
Centre d’Accueil Héritage, 33 Hahn Place, Suite 104, Toronto, Ontario M5A 4G2. To the attention  Jean Tété.

3) Donation by credit card

Call Jean Tété at 416-365-3350, ext. 242

We thank you in advance for your generosity.