Our members

Our members

For CAH’s Honorary Member recognition! (now closed)

In June 2022, CAH (Centres d’Accueil Héritage) Membership Policy was adopted and became effective immediately. Among other things, this policy provides for an Honorary Membership category.

In recognition of their contribution to CAH, the Board of Directors may now appoint lifetime honorary members. In addition to the founders of the corporation and past presidents, the Board of Directors may confer this distinction on any current or past member of CAH who has made an outstanding contribution to CAH.

Recognised honorary members are exempt from paying annual fees for life. They have the same voting rights as all other members and access to the same roles, responsibilities and privileges.

We encourage CAH voting members in good standing to nominate candidates for such recognition!

CAH accepted 2024 nominations submitted by December 15, 2023. Nominated members will be announced during the AGM in June 2024.

FILL OUT the interactive form (in French) to nominate an honorary member.

You may also print the form and mail it to the attention of Jean Tété to the following address: CAH, 33 Hahn Place, Suite 104, Toronto (Ontario) M5A 4G2.
Nominations will be reviewed and recipients announced at the CAH Annual General Meeting in June.

Voting members make a difference!

Becoming a voting member of CAH is a way to help us set the future direction of CAH and build a vibrant francophone community in which to age well. To learn more and become a CAH member, visit this page. NOTE: All activities are held in French.

2023 Annual General Meeting 

The 2023 Annual General Meeting (AGM) took place on June 28, 2023, at Place Saint-Laurent, and was the time for CAH members to receive the 2023 Impact Report, meet the CAH Board of Directors (BoD) and learn about the achievements of the 2022-23 year. Several members took the opportunity to submit proposals for consideration by the Board.

The Board of Directors met prior to the AGM, and the Board of Directors for 2023-24 was elected. See the Our Board page on the website about the new Board and to find out how you too can become part of our dynamic Board and make a difference in the lives of Toronto’s francophone seniors.

Honorary members 2023 

It was with great pleasure that Board Vice-Chair Joyce Irvine announced the names of CAH members named Honorary Members for 2023 and presented them with certificates in recognition of their contributions.
This was the first time in the 2022-23 year that the Board made a call for nominations to all CAH members to identify other members who have had, recently or in the past, a notable impact in supporting the work of CAH. President Denis Frawley handed the certificates to the new honorary members who were present at the AGM.

This year’s honorary members, nominated by members and chosen by the Board, are: Lise Devine, Denis Rioux and Daniel Barry. Past president Colette Raphaël was automatically named an honorary member.

Said Joyce Irvine: “Lise Devine, we would like to recognise your contribution and involvement with CAH over many years, including the Club Richelieu Trillium brunches, organized for the benefit of CAH, and your work for the Gilles-Barbeau Golf Tournament, which has contributed enormously to the tournament’s success over the years, not to mention your tireless dedication and interest in CAH’s mission.”

“Denis Rioux, we want to thank you for your contribution and involvement with CAH over the years, including on the building and golf committees. Your reliability and dedication, as well as your leadership within the francophone community, were important assets to the success of CAH’s fundraising campaign, and your professional expertise was, and continues to be, indispensable in informing CAH’s administration and the building committee on the actions to be taken to ensure the proper upkeep of the building and the implementation of many innovations.”

“Daniel Barry, CAH would like to acknowledge your contribution and involvement with CAH over many years, including as a member of the Board of Directors and the Treasury and Audit Committee. Your professional expertise, reliability, dedication and spirit of cooperation have helped both the Board and the Committee work to ensure CAH’s sound management and longevity. Your colleagues have commented on how much they appreciated your continued presence on the Treasury Committee and your exceptional participation. Daniel is not with us tonight, his certificate will be sent to him.”

“Colette Raphaël, former Chair of the Board, we would like to acknowledge your contribution as a member of the Board of Directors and several of its committees, including the Governance, Nominations and Executive Assessment Committees. As Chair, you helped the Board navigate the renewal of CAH’s accreditation (with honours). You took the smooth running of meetings to heart, and did much to ensure that the Board kept CAH’s mission in mind in its discussions, and had the resources it needed to know CAH well and make informed decisions.