Our GREAT CHALLENGE continues!

The Toronto Challenge is cancelled for the 2nd year… but we’re not abandoning  our fundraising efforts

GREAT Canadian Giving CHALLENGE is back

In June 2020, we raised $4,285 with Canadahelps BIG CHALLENGE. In June 2021, every dollar you donate to CAH (offer closes June 30) through www.CanaDon.org, or Given Challenge, gives our organization a chance at the $20,000 grand prize draw. It’s also a great way for us to celebrate June as Seniors’ Month in Ontario!

Drawn as part of Canada’s biggest  GREAT Canadian Giving CHALLENGE, the grand prize of $20,000 is awarded to a winning organization. Only donation made at www.canaDon.org are eligible to participate.                                  

Toronto Challenge is cancelled for the 2nd year in a row, but for our most vulnerable clients, your donations are more important than ever! Please know that every dollar you donate adds to the well-being of our seniors in the francophone community, complementing the good care provided by our dedicated caregivers.

That is why we encourage you to continue to choose CAH at CanaDon.org. Your donations will go 100% towards our organization’s new projects to break the isolation of seniors. We already knew this, but COVID-19 has made this reality inescapable: our community must address the scourge of senior isolation.